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We are always near you. We create projects for real estate in Ukraine, the USA, Canada, the UAE, Qatar, England, Poland, the Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, France, Israel, the island of Bali and many other countries


The consultation of the interior designer Serhiy Vigula will first of all help you to get rid of doubts in those questions in which you cannot decide on a choice. The online consultation takes place as follows: after receiving information about your object, we create a video consultation and send it to you via Email or Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp. Option two is a consultation with a visit to the facility, which provides answers to questions taking into account the specifics of your facility. Consultation on the placement of furniture and equipment will be necessary for zoning the space. Consultation before buying real estate. #консультациядизайнера, #viguladesign, #сultingondesignandarchitecture, #Interiordesignconsultation

    Interior design of living space: houses, apartments

The interior should be functional, beautiful and comfortable - these goals are achieved by harmonious proportions of space and objects, correct color combinations, accented lighting, high-quality materials, bright and relevant images and associations. The principle that unites all these diverse solutions is style. #interior design, #apartment design, #house design, #interior design, #interiordesign, #interiors, #house, #building

Interior design of a commercial space : restaurant, cafe, shop

The design of the restaurant must fully comply with all the laws of ergonomics . That is, the interior design of the restaurant should not create unnecessary inconvenience for staff and visitors. In the project of restaurant it is necessary to distribute competently all free area of ​​the room . It is also necessary to anticipate how the different areas of the institution will be interconnected. Only then the restaurant will be cozy.

    The design of cafes and restaurants can be divided into two main parts: the design of the technical area and interior design of the hall (or halls) for visitors. The interior of the guest area should have the most favorable effect on the visitor. The interior design of the restaurant should create for the visitor the most comfortable atmosphere, which has a pleasant pastime. If we talk about the technical premises (technical part of the restaurant project) Functionality and ergonomics are important here, so that the staff does not have any additional difficulties in the work . #interiordesignofcommercialspace

Hotel interior design

 The main goal of all commercial facilities is to attract customers and sell a wide variety of goods and services: from everyday to exotic. The key to success is the ability to stand out thanks to the design of the designer VIGULA SERGIY against the background of all other companies present on the market and to be remembered by the buyer. The specificity of the design of the designer VIGULY SERGI optimizes the hotel and increases the profitability of the hotel-restaurant complex. When designing commercial interiors, it is necessary to take into account the target audience: age, gender, social status, income level of buyers and clients. Corporate colors and company symbols are always actively used when decorating the premises.

• creating a design involves the use of a single style;

• three main colors are used, which are combined with each other

• when choosing furniture, it is worth observing proportionality and functionality, durable and at the same time designer furniture is suitable, the hotel room must have perfect ergonomics

(human interaction with space) and an accent element, for example, a designer chair or a unique author's painting;

#designhotel, #hoteldesign, #hotelinteriordesign, #Hotel, #design

House project

   All projects of houses by Serhiy Vigula are developed for you taking into account the characteristics of the reliefs of the localities, the peculiarities of the climate, and most importantly, in a combination of architectural, design and creative approach to the design of house projects. Rational planning and constructive solutions allow you to combine such indicators as economy, reliability and efficiency in the construction and further operation of your future home. #проектбудинку, #проектдома, #houseproject, #home, #house, #buildings, #housebeautiful, #goodhouse 

Facade design

Facade design and facade insulation is an issue that confuses owners of both new and old housing. Not only heating costs but also comfort in the room depends on his decision. In addition to the physical and mechanical properties of insulation, the technology of their installation has a great influence on the final result. It all starts with the design of the facade and the features of the building. #facadedesign


Each landscape of the site is unique in its own way. There are a number of rules and prohibitions that every experienced designer must follow when creating a landscaping and garden.

   Landscaping and landscaping is one of the most important components of landscape design. If you want your land to become more beautiful and cozy every year and care for it was not so difficult, then you need to gradually create the perfect landscape design and approach responsibly, carefully designing and not leaving many details unattended.

  The process of landscaping involves several stages. Before starting work, the designer creates a design layout and dendro plan for the future landscape. The second stage is the selection and purchase of all materials for the formation of landscape design. The third stage of landscape formation and planting of vegetation and decor. #landscaping

Complete set of object

                            Selection of materials

building materials, decorative materials, wallpaper, decorative plaster, textiles, furniture, plumbing, lighting, kitchen, flooring

Exquisite interior items and materials of "Premium class" from VIGULA DESIGN will fill any of the available spaces with special refined elegance, where beauty and perfection will be full synonyms. And building materials from the store "Interior shop" give the building reliability and structural integrity rooms. 

 Furniture design


Decor and art objects 

VIGULA DESIGN minimum of your efforts and time with the maximum result. Exquisite interior items and materials of " Premium class " will fill any of the available spaces with special refined elegance where beauty and perfection will be full-fledged synonyms. #decoreandartobjects

3D building layout

3D design

#3Dbuilding , #3ddesign 

Logo design, trademark development, design development, business card development, outdoor advertising development, sign design, corporate style development Graphic design is a kind of modern art, which consists in creating graphic objects (postcards, logos, business cards, websites) using different types of graphics.

The main idea of graphic design is to combine aesthetic principles and functional tasks in one performance. #graphicdesign, #advertisingdesign 

Design consulting

Design consulting is a form of expert assistance to enterprises and businesses in order to increase business efficiency, process productivity and increase company profits. The main goals of business design consulting are : Creating a business strategy Development and implementation of projects to achieve strategic goals Design consulting - solves the problem of branding and business positioning.
Design , Branding , Design audit , Accompaniment , Strategy . #designconsulting

Design online

You need to fill out the order form by sending an email to or Viber , WhatsApp , Telegram +380509370632 The advantages of this service are really many :

1. This approach saves your time ;

2. The concept of a new interior design is sent to you by mail , and you can consider all the options at any time . This will allow you to spend as much time as you need

3. After getting acquainted with the conceptual design, you send them back with comments and tags. The designer brings his work to the end result according to your wishes and sends you a ready-made design project. Remote work is the best option for cooperation in the modern world ;

4. Details of the project can be discussed using the services of Viber , WhatsApp , Skype , Telegram or by phone. #designonline, #onlinedesign


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Sergey Vigula

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interior design and architecture studio VIGULA DESIGN

Who are we? 

VIGULA DESIGN is a studio of interior design and architecture working all over the world. 

In Why our

 The main advantage?

 We create interiors with a deep understanding of design, which is based on individual characteristics of thinking. A comprehensive approach to creating interior design gives a unique and balanced result.

Tete-a-tete communication with the customer is the key to the best result. We are always grateful for the trust



Prestige design

35 $ per sq.m.

Premium design

55 $ per sq.m.

Exclusive design

100 $ per sq.m.

My design 

250 $ per sq.m.

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We will be happy to answer all your questions, help you choose the best price package of services , suggest what drawings you need . In this way , you can always come to the optimal cost and list of works .



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Boris Rudenko

Vigula -save your time and hand over the case to a professional.

Vugula - will listen to all the whims of his client, dilute them with the paint of creativity and support the latest trends of today.

Vigula - be sure that the service will exceed your expectations.

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Natalia Shetelya

Serhiy Vigula is an extremely creative designer) I have used his services many times) The works are interesting, high quality and on time. I recommend to everyone!

Maryana Pilgovich

Of course, I had my own vision of how things should be. But I understood that if you do not entrust the work to a professional, then mistakes cannot be avoided. And fixing them is known to be very expensive and time consuming. That is why I decided to turn to the designer Sergey Vigula VIGULA DESIGN. I am very satisfied with the cooperation.

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