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Dreamy bedroom

The design of the bedroom in the style of VIGULA implies the absence of unnecessary details, that is, the room has only what you can not do without. Furniture usually has a simple shape and is often multifunctional, which saves space.

Attention to every detail

There is no limit to perfection! It is to perfection that combines comfort, coziness, ergonomics and beauty, VIGULA studio will strive to create interior design for your apartment, house or commercial premises.


Living room for the family

The living room is designed for the whole family and also for receiving guests. This means that it should be comfortable, cozy and at the same time tastefully created and modern.

Modern kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most complex rooms in the design of residential interiors. Modern kitchens, whose design is more and more like an exhibition stand of the latest technologies, should be developed by VIGULA designers who follow the technological progress in this field.

Modern office

  The interior of the office and its exterior from the studio VIGULA, will contribute to the formation of the correct image of the company in the imagination of its partners and customers, to confirm the necessary status and prestige.


Minimalist design

VIGULA focuses on the material, texture and shape of interior items. Materials used in the creation of such interiors are steel, glass, various plastics, ceramics, artificial and natural stone, polished and textured wood.

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