Why do you need an interior designer?


The designer is useful for society as a whole and for each individual:

1. The designer creates the right living space for you

2. Creates the most convenient zoning and planning of your space

3. Proper placement of communications - electricity, water supply, sewerage, ventilation and air conditioning

4. Correct arrangement of furniture and equipment

5. Proper formation of lighting

6. Use of the entire area of ​​the premises

The designer helps you to be even more successful by designing a commercial space so that your products are bought and your services used.

The designer creates an advertising design for you so that you can rapidly develop your business.

A designer is first and foremost a professional. The designer has professional education, knowledge, experience. This profession, like any other, requires many years of study, and even after graduation, the designer is constantly supplementing and updating his knowledge of fashion in design, architecture and technology, developing professionally. #designer, #architect

Secondly, every designer is to some extent a psychologist. It will help you to reveal your character and express it in the interior, and sometimes adjust some features - for example, with the help of colors and textures in the interior to "calm down" or with the help of textiles and decor to create a sense of comfort and security. The designer studies the lifestyle of the customer and on the basis of this information develops an individual image of the room, which makes life convenient and comfortable.

In addition, a designer is an artist who may have a non-standard view of many familiar things. Very often people, looking at the work of a designer, say "I would not have thought of this" or "I did not even imagine that this could be done." This is an indicator of the design type of thinking, focused on the implementation of certain tasks.

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