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Always new and fresh ideas for your interior of the house, apartment, shop, cafe, restaurant, hotel from the designer Sergiy Vigula 

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Successful design project primarily depends on the communication of the designer with the customer. All design services are performed at a high professional level in scale and proportions with a balanced space and individual style. After determining the features and scope of the order, I create a design concept in 15 days, then interacting with the customer is improving the design to the best result. I always offer my author's support of the project for a balanced result.

Whoever turns to me is always satisfied.

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Author's support is a guarantee of a quality result of the work performed and the original idea, down to the smallest detail.

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Good design, competent planning and comfort in your home. VIGULA Sergey Vigula has vast practical experience in implementing the idea exactly as seen by the designer and the customer.

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"There is no limit to perfection! It is perfection that combines comfort and coziness"

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After you fill out this form, we will contact you to confirm the order and inform you about the date and time of meeting or visiting you at the facility. If you want to quickly find out about the prices, send us a plan with dimensions, a photo and a video with a description of the service you need on Telegram, Viber, WhatApp at the number (+38) (050) 937-06-32 or write to info@viguladesign.com

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