Interior design VIGULA DESIGN ONLINE is the quality and convenience of creating your interior


Online interior design VIGULA DESIGN ONLINE has been practiced well for a very long time, so we know how to work well online. It is very convenient and will help you understand both your wishes and the possibilities of your space and see the design of your dreams, competently bringing to life the ideas and your wishes for creating a new VIGULA DESIGN ONLINE interior design.

You just need to send to the mail or Viber, WhatsApp +380509370632, the information that the VIGULA DESIGN ONLINE designer needs:

Floor plan with detailed dimensions

Photos from different viewing angles

Object video

Your wishes (function of the premises, placement of communications, indication of the front side, indication of the sunny side)

Information that, in the opinion of the customer, the designer must know.

There are really many advantages to this service.

Remote work is one of the best collaboration options in today's world;

Second option:

  • After the designer has studied the order form and the information provided by the customer, the designer makes a miscalculation of the cost of interior design.
  • The customer approves the price, recalculates money in the amount of 50% of the total cost of the object to a bank card or money transfer.
  • The designer for 15 days creates the concept of interior design in 3D graphics and presents the details of the project online through Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram. After the presentation and discussion, the designer fixes the changes needed to be improved in the interior design point by point.

The designer will improve the interior design for 7 days and present the improved design project VIGULA DESIGN ONLINE online through the programs Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram. The CUSTOMER APPROVES and recalculates the money in full to a bank card or money transfer.

  • The designer sends in digital form to the mail at will on Telegram, Viber . (A possible version of the printed A3 project and information on a branded flash drive where the entire design process is recorded) sent by mail to the customer's address. Each design project has a quality guarantee and a warranty period of online support. We are always glad to communicate with you.
  • After the end of the design project there is a service of author's support, selection of furniture, lamps, various materials, equipment, decor. Author's support is coordinated with customers.

Interior design VIGULA DESIGN ONLINE online has been practiced well for a very long time, so we know how to work well online


Entrust the professional interior designer Sergey Vigula 


the design of your space. We create a unique and unique design of a house, apartment, restaurant, cafe, office, hotel and hotel in Ukraine , Europe and around the world:

development of a design idea or professional refinement of your thoughts;

design for a home, design for an apartment, design for hotels , design for restaurants, design for clubs , design for bars and cafes - from premium-class establishments to fast foods;

renovation and redevelopment of the interior;

individual approach to the creation of design, taking into account the level of requirements and needs of customers;

we guarantee high-quality interior design, architectural supervision

author's support

completing the object with materials, furniture, communications, decor


customer success


space integrity

passion and dedication


initiative and creativity

continuous improvement

commercial success



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