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Hotel design

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The design and architecture of the hotel reflects the face of the owner and his philosophy, shows what the hotel wants to give and say to the consumer. Hotel design, room design, reception design, hotel room layout design, the management of the hotel and restaurant complex subconsciously talks to its customers. The language of the hotel is also formed through the style of the interior, through the colors used in the interior, for example, green color evokes balance and calmness in people, red color activity and thrills, orange evokes appetite, and blue evokes a feeling of coolness, as in the interiors with a hot climate. The goal of the architect-designer and the owner of the Hotel-Restaurant Complex is common, namely to create a unique, unforgettable, comfortable, and in one word, FASHIONABLE place where you want to return again and again. To attract the desired audience of consumers, it is necessary to create appropriate conditions of space and a little more. We, the studio of interior design and architecture "VIGULA DESIGN" apply a thoughtful strategic approach to the creation of hotel and restaurant chains "when quality exceeds price". Combining with the knowledge of the owner of the hotel-restaurant complex of our audience, we jointly perfect a mechanism that covers all aspects of the hotel-restaurant business. We will be glad to combine our knowledge of design, architecture, hotel mechanism with yours and bring your hotel-restaurant complex to a NEW STEP.

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